Weymouth Astronomy

The Night Sky - February 2020

The days begin to lengthen perceptibly through February as the Sun climbs northwards in the sky. Darkness still falls qyite early though and by 7pm the distinctive outline of Orion is approaching its highest point on the meridian due south. Low to the south-east the brilliant white star Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky.

Within our own solar system, the last day of the month offers an opportunity to observe a lineup of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars around 6:30am. A low horizon towards the south-east will be needed to spot Saturn.

The Night Sky

High Lights of the Month

  • 3rd (evening): The Moon between the Hyades and Pleiads Clusters
  • 7th (after sunset): Venus lies above Mercury low in the south-west
  • 18th (before Dawn): A thin crescent Moon lies just to the right of Mars
  • 29th (before Dawn): A line up of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars


Information collated from Jodrell Bank and Astronomy Now magazine