Weymouth Astronomy

The Night Sky - October 2019

By the time full darkness falls around 7:30pm BST mid month, the Square of Pegasus is more than halfway up in the eastern sky. Summer's constellations are rapidly departing the scene to the west. Bright orange Arcturus hangs low in the North East before setting around 9pm. Below Pegasus in the South and South east are dim constellations of the celestial 'water' - Capricornus, Aquarius Piscis Austrinus and Pisces.

The Night Sky

High Lights of the Month

  • 3rd (after sunset): Jupiter near the Moon
  • 5th (after sunset): Saturn near the Moon
  • 17th (late evening): The Moon close to the Hyades Cluster
  • 26th (before dawn): A very thin crescent Moon above Mars


Information collated from Jodrell Bank and Astronomy Now magazine