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Items for Sale

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Including a Meade Field Tripod with Equatorial Wedge, SX and SXL8 Starlight Xpress CCD cameras, colour filter wheel, 10" solar filter, Meade Pictor 201XT Autoguider, Taurus Technology off-axis tracker, LX200 Classic Keypad controller, cables, power supply, padded carry case with assorted eyepieces, Meade Series 4000 f/6.3 focal reducer, 3.5x Barlow lens, off-axis extension tubes, original manual, plus many extras.

Other Items

Other items also available including

  • 8" diameter brass worm gear and worm
  • X-Y axes micrometer unit and antiques microscope upright
  • Assorted projector optics
  • 2 sets of plastic prisms/lenses for optical experiments
  • Assorted lenses and filters
  • Newtonian telescope kit
  • Silvered 4.5" diameter, ~6ft focal length, f/16 telescope mirror
  • 6" blank and grinding powders (with instructions)
  • 11" silvered optical flat

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